Consultancy Services

Ideal Consult LLC, consults exclusively in the use of SAS, with experience in virtually every SAS technology and module.

Ideal has been providing SAS Consulting and Programming Services for more than 25 years. Our associates and employees are expert SAS programmers and specialize in the Banking and Financial Industries. Our staff has expertise in such areas as Market Analytics, ETL and Reporting Systems, Fraud Detection, and Credit Risk and Operational Risk segments. We have real world experience developing SAS software to test and validate Credit and Operational Risk Systems like Fair Isaac's Blaze Advisor which is one of our areas with subject matter expertise.

Ideal Consult LLC, consults exclusively in the use of SAS, with experience in virtually every SAS technology and module.

Ideal offers a complete range of SAS Services for your organization. Our SAS services include Consulting, Contract Programming, Business Intelligence Design and Implementation, and Statistical Modeling.

Our consultants have worked on a wide variety of projects representing nearly every industry within the international SAS user community. We can give you the benefit of our experience in solving business problems and providing solutions with SAS. Quality is our top priority. Senior consultants with at least ten years of SAS experience supervise all work, including on-site work.

Ideal has extensive experience in the Health Care field, building SAS applications for such agencies as CIGNA, NCQA, and Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

We have the technology and very specific health insurance business knowledge to provide multifaceted, web-based claims reporting systems.

The Primary Supporting Membership to the American Association of Health Plans provides Ideal with valuable information on industry trends as well as a means of evaluating industry best practices. AAHP, the leading trade association representing the managed care community, provides Ideal with important updates on issues relating to HEDIS reporting and HIPPA regulations.

Ideal has an extensive array of internally-written SAS programs or Tools. Our consultants use these Tools to improve the quality and time-to-market of our SAS applications.

Consulting Services

- Ideal provides SAS and WPS consulting services in the area of Needs Assessment, Technical Specification Development, Project Management, Technical and User Documentation, Statistical Analysis, Code Review, Data Mart and Warehouse Design.

Ideal provides a full catalog of flexible consulting services to meet our clients’ long term and short-term needs. With hands on experience in banking, finance, education and health care, we can help you turn your business strategies into competitive advantage.

Process Consulting Services

Procedure Development - Disciplined, effective work practices do not come about by accident. They are the result of experience, thoughtful planning, clear documentation, and effective training. We work with clients to develop and implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working practice documents that promote quality and productivity in programming and data management departments.

FDA Compliance - For our pharmaceutical clients, compliance with FDA regulations is a non-negotiable requirement. We offer expert knowledge of FDA regulations and guidance documents pertaining to the use of computers for clinical trials (e.g., 21 CFR Part 11), as well as emerging standards in the industry (e.g., ICH, MedDRA, CDISC). We evaluate current software applications and development procedures for compliance and help to remediate deficiencies.

Software Validation - Validation is not just about testing. Effective validation requires analysis of the unique risk profile presented by a particular software application and verification procedures to mitigate those risks throughout the development life cycle. We create software validation plans and procedures for new development projects. We also help clients with the revalidation of legacy software applications to bring them into compliance with current standards.

Contract Programming Services

Data Capture - We create reliable, custom software applications to capture data, whether transcribed from paper forms or entered directly through dedicated workstations or web-based interfaces.

Data Transformation - We are masters at transforming data to meet research goals. We combine, sort, transpose, and restructure data sets to make them ready for analysis, presentation, archiving, export, or any other purpose. We perform data format conversions to and from the SAS environment.

Data Scrubbing - We implement study-specific validation rules (edit checks) to locate and report questionable data values, descriptive statistics to expose data outliers, and update programs to correct identified data errors.

Tables, Figures and Listings - We apply expert, in-depth knowledge of SAS programming to produce accurate statistical tables, figures, and listings. We format the statistical output to your specifications and provide clear documentation of how it was produced.

Medical Coding - We prepare free-text entries for analysis and tabulation by matching them to terms from standard dictionaries such as MedDRA and WhoART or special-purpose dictionaries.

Statistical Analysis - We create custom programs to calculate exploratory and inferential statistics, including descriptive statistics, frequency tabulations, general linear modeling, regression analysis, analysis of variance and covariance, factor analysis, and structural equation modeling.

Publication Support - We produce publication-quality tables and graphics to include in journal articles, grant proposals, final reports for FDA